Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has numerous benefits for people of all ages. It has been proven effective at reducing muscular tension, relieving head and back pain, and at reducing stress and anxiety. Theraputic massage helps promote healthy skin, improves blood circulation, and boosts immune system function. As a result of all these benefits, we would like to introduce you to Julia, our nationally certified massage therapist. She has had numerous years treating patients, and excels at addressing each patients specific needs.

She offers the following:
  • Relaxation technique
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Deep Tissue
  • Theraputic Massage
To make an appointment with Julia, just call our front desk at (865) 982-0802.

Her rates are quite competitive with a half hour massage at $30, a full hours for $55 and hot stone therapy for $75. She also offers a "10 for 10" special once a week where 10 minutes are $10. The day varies from week to week, so stop by our office to check if the special is going on!